LMI Aerospace produces precision parts for the airline industry

Good news for Savannah, 100 new aerospace jobs has been announced.

Airframe parts supplier LMI Aerospace joined the Savannah Economic Development Authority in making the announcement Tuesday following a Savannah Economic Development Authority(SEDA) board vote in favor of a $125,000 cash incentive toward LMI expansion.

The expansion will increase the LMI savannah facility to 161,000 square feet and 155 employees.

According to a report at SavannahNow.com, the growing Aerospace industry is helping create savannah-based jobs.

“Given the growth in the aerospace sector in recent years, we’ve been looking at other services we might provide,” LMI CEO Ronald S. Saks said. “We do largely sheetmetal, while Valent does machining and assembly. We complement each other.”

LMI customers include Savannah-based Gulfstream along with Boeing.

The SEDA board unanimously approved the $125,000 cash incentive for LMI. However, if the company fails to produce the promised jobs, the funds would be returned.

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