AT&T Announces Major Expansion in Georgia

Governor Nathan Deal and AT&T Georgia President Sylvia Russell have announced that AT&T expects to hire 1000 people in Georgia and create 600 new positions.

The hiring is part of a multi-billion investment on the part of the company for a project known as Velocity IP.

The three-year plan is to expand both wireless capabilities through the 4G LTE platform and increase coverage of wired IP broadband networks.

According to a press release from the Governor’s office, "Georgia businesses and consumers are using more communications services such as wireless and broadband," said Deal. "These jobs will provide opportunities for our citizens in one of the fastest-growing parts of the Georgia economy and will help build critical communications infrastructure and provide customer support."

“As AT&T continues to invest in our network and expand our customer base in Georgia, we’re committed to providing excellent customer service,” said Sylvia Russell, president of AT&T Georgia. “We applaud Governor Deal and the members of the Georgia General Assembly who are working to create a business-friendly environment where industries want to invest and create job opportunities for Georgians."

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