A state-of-the-art bio-sciences training facility is being constructed near Covington, GA

The State of Georgia is in the process of purchasing a 6.7 acre tract of land in Stanton Springs, near Covington, GA, to construct a 48,000 square foot bio-science training center.

The facility is part of the new bio-sciences industry expanding in Georgia with the Baxter Pharmaceuticals manufacturing plant opening in east Georgia.

A report on the Covington News website says construction is expected to begin by Aug. 15 of this year and completed by April 15, 2015 so that classes could start by May 1, 2015. Construction is estimated to cost $9.6 million.

“The new training center at Stanton Springs is a long-term investment in Georgia’s future as a hub for the bioscience industry. It will be a state-of-the-art facility that will ensure Baxter and future client companies will have a deep pool of talent from which to draw,” Chris Cummiskey, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

Several programs are expected to be offered in the facility, including: governmental agency approval processes; general bio lab practices; validation and risk assessment procedures; OSHA and biotech compliance; blood-borne pathogen technology; bio separation techniques; ultrafiltration; centrifugation; maintenance and calibration; antiseptic controls and techniques; HVAC systems controls, balancing and filtration; technical writing; and clean room basics.

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