Shipwreck Sandwhich from the Warf Restaurant in Decatur, GA

Want to open a restaurant? Perhaps Decatur is the place.

The restaurant industry in Decatur has been booming for years and now the website has ranked Decatur as the top “foodie” city in the United States.

According to The cities that made this year’s list have invigorating restaurant scenes, chefs adapting traditional dishes into edible art, and communities supporting local farmers and food producers. Editors also considered the city’s overall quality of life when compiling the list, having found that the best foodie cities offer a high quality of life, in which restaurants are just one of the amenities that help residents thrive. “A city doesn't become a great place to live solely because it has quality, diverse restaurants, but it's hard to imagine a great city without a wealth of options,” says Matt Carmichael, editor and spokesman. “These cities excel on many measures. Having unique places to eat adds to the overall culture and personality of the place.”

1. Decatur, GA

2. Hoboken, NJ

3. Bloomington, IN

4. Berkeley, CA

5. Madison, WI

6. Lafayette, LA

7. Chapel Hill, NC

8. Santa Fe, NM

9. Alexandria, VA

10. Burlington, VT

Interested in a career as a chef?

Georgia has some top culinary schools, including, The Art Institutes, Phoenix University, Strayer University, Cordon Bleu Culinary School