Homeshoring is helping bring jobs back to the United States

Most everyone understands “offshoring”. Many have heard about “Onshoring” or “Reshoring”, in fact, we had a post on this recently. Now comes the idea of “Homeshoring”.

"Homeshoring" is essentially a combination of “Onshoring” and “telecommuting”.

For now, much of the “Homeshoring” jobs are centered around call center services. New technology allows jobs that were previously shipped overseas to come back to the United States and be accomplished in the comfort of one’s own home.

Fox 5 television in Atlanta had a recent report detailing the “Homeshoring” job of a Marietta, GA man.

A recent study into the “Homeshoring” trend shows that it is growing some 25% per year and expanding into other service related jobs such as accounting and architecture.