C2 Education

Johns Creek, GA based C2 Education is expanding again, this time right in their own back yard.

C2 Education is an “in-home” based tutoring service that has grown from a single store to over 120 locations nationwide. Company headquarters are located in Johns Creek, which is where a new store grand opening recently took place.

“It was heartening to see such support from the Johns Creek community,” says C2 Education COO Jamie Davidson. “Our corporate headquarters are also located in Johns Creek, which offers us the opportunity to take a very hands-on role in the development of this new center and to build an even stronger relationship with the community.”

C2 tutoring services have been recognized as among the best in America. According to the company C2 students increase their SAT scores by an average of 362 points, 100% of C2 students pass state standardized tests, and 85% of C2 students go on to attend a top 50 college or university.