Legoland Atlanta Discovery Center was a trip like none other. It was the first time I had taken my five year old daughter, Delaney on a Georgia Traveler shoot with me and it was AMAZING! From the time Delaney and I arrived it was like we had jumped into the biggest box of Legos ever. We built skyscrapers, went on rides, made racecars, and played with more legos than you can imagine.


Delaney has told all of her family and friends about Atlanta's Legoland Discovery Center. She says, "I love Legoland because there is so many things you can do. I can build things like; airplanes, castles, houses, people, and animals."

Recently, she was overheard telling her school friends that she loves being a star and working with her mom on tv(LOL), but her most favorite thing about working on Georgia Traveler was peddeling her way to become the top wizard apprentice on Legoland's popular ride, Merlin's Apprentice.


I will say I enjoyed feeling like a kid again and spending time with my daughter. Atlanta's Legoland Discovery Center is a great place for family fun.