If you’ve ever been to Savannah and walked the historic streets, you’ve no doubt sensed a strong pirate presence. Maybe it’s the fact that there are abandoned tunnels running beneath these city streets that pirates used to use to shanghai unsuspecting sailors, taking them out to sea to join the crew…Maybe it’s the ghostly presence of the Pirate’s House restaurant, Savannah’s oldest standing building and questionable most haunted, dating back to the early 1700’s, it was a pirate hot spot…Or maybe, just maybe it’s because the pirates are still there.

Meet the Savannah Riverstreet Pirates. This jolly bunch of buccaneers make up the crew of “The Renegade”. This converted Boston Whaler took my crew and me out on an adventurous cruise along the Savannah River, but along the way, we were attacked. Luckily we had water cannons to fend off these brutal invaders. It’s an incredible adventure for kids and adults. It allows everyone to let your imagination free and act like a pirate without annoying those around you.

All aboard The Renegade for a fantastic voyage with the Savannah Riverstreet Pirates…RRRRRRRR!

- David Zelski