As we look back on 2021, we see a lot accomplished by our small but mighty team at GPB Education. We are honored to continue to support Georgia's teachers, students, and parents with free digital learning resources. So, as we prepare to ring in 2022, here's a look back at 21 of our favorite things we launched, hosted, and accomplished in 2021. 

1. Claw Control
We launched Claw Control, an addition to our popular GASHA GO! World games and animations for kids ages 4-8. Claw Control is an online game that leverages engaging characters and fun challenges to build kids’ foundational computer science (CS) skills.

2. Relaunched Our Mobile Virtual Reality Lab
Following a brief hiatus during the 2020-2021 school year, we relaunched our Mobile Virtual Reality Lab in the fall of 2021 with new safety protocols in place. The Mobile VR Lab is equipped with 48 Oculus Go virtual reality headsets that transport students to virtual environments without leaving the classroom. With our class set of VR headsets, each student can experience virtual reality firsthand. 

3. Ready, Jet, Go! Space Exploration Summer Camp
GPB teamed up with Harper Archer Elementary School and Dalton City Schools for a blast of fun with the Ready Jet Go! Space Exploration Summer Camp series. At READY JET GO! Space Exploration Camp, children ages 5 to 8 spend five sessions as Space Scouts. They accomplish missions, engineer spacecrafts and play space-themed games. Campers use teamwork to develop their science and engineering skills. At the end of the week, they will have completed 10 missions, launched a spacecraft and spent lots of time having fun!

4. Peanuts Virtual Learning Journey
In this interactive virtual learning journey, students will explore the peanut industry, history and origins of the peanut plant, various ways peanuts are used, and how peanuts impact our economy. Additionally, students will learn about a number of career opportunities in the peanut industry. Key concepts are presented through text, images, videos, and interactive elements.

5. Econ Express
Econ Express is a unique online resource that helps teachers and students learn, practice, and assess basic economic concepts in a creative and engaging way. Covering 51 concepts, Econ Express serves as a general overview of the content typically taught in a high school Intro to Economics course.

6. Hope Givers 
Hope Givers is a new show spotlighting hope and resilience across America. Hosted by Tamlin Hall, this uplifting mental wellness series is a first of its kind, available at no cost, and aligned to Health Education standards nationally for students in grades 6-12. Stories focus on resilience, goal-setting, advocacy, and having a mentor/trusted adult.

7. Getting Ready videos added to Let's Learn GA!
The “Getting Ready” video lessons feature K-5 Georgia teachers breaking down the skills on the Getting Ready Guides while suggesting practical tips for out-of-school learning. They provide insights from “what they see” as students come back to school in August. A primary goal of the videos is to support families and summer educators in preparing for the upcoming school year. 
8. 2021 GPB/PBS KIDS Writers Contest
We continued our annual GPB/PBS KIDS Writers Contest in 2021. We received hundreds of stories from K-3 students in Georgia, and selected a few winners to receive prizes and to have their stories published on our website. See the 2021 winning stories here.  

9. Camp GPB
Camp GPB is a new series for kids that blends day camp and learning into playful fun. With the help of educators from our favorite partner organizations, as well as our own GPB "camp counselors," we are leading kids in engaging, hands-on activities.

10. Georgia's Water Live Exploration
On May 6th, we teamed up with the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District to produce a live exploration about Georgia's water. During the show, students learned about the water cycle, witnessed how water is treated, heard from a variety of water professionals, and discovered ways we can help protect our freshwater systems. This event has been archived to watch at any time. 

11. Georgia Forests II Virtual Learning Journey
We launched our second forestry-themed virtual learning journey, now with a focus on high school standards. In this interactive journey, high school students will explore the forestry industry, operations and forest products, sustainability efforts, and recreation and wildlife supported by Georgia’s forests. Additionally, students will learn about a variety of career opportunities in the forestry industry.

12. Recycling | Things Explained
We all want to protect Mother Nature by recycling, but it's important to recycle correctly. In this episode of Things Explained, we explore commonly accepted items for curbside recycled and items that usually end up in the landfill. We also share ways you can help reduce and reuse to cut back on pollution!

13. A Christmas Carol Sneak Peek
There's a new twist on an old classic at Atlanta's Alliance Theatre. Take a look behind the curtain with the latest adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Hear from the play's director, playwright, and set designer as they discuss what makes this version of A Christmas Carol so timely and unique.

14. New Episodes of Let's Learn GA!
Let's Learn GA! is series of video lessons for grades K-5 taught by Georgia teachers and aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence. The series was originally launched in 2020, and in 2021 we added dozens of new episodes to the collection. The lessons cover English language arts, fine arts, mathematics, physical health and wellness, science, social studies, and more!

15. Digital Citizenship | Things Explained
It's important to think critically and practice good behaviors when using technology. In this episode of Things Explained, we talk about what it means to be a good digital citizen and important ways to engage in our technology-driven world.

16. STEMonstration Professional Learning videos

Enjoy this five-part series of live webinars where GPB’s Education Outreach team designed, built, tested, FAILED, and retested simple, inexpensive PBS program STEM projects for the classroom, including ziplines from Design Squad, taternauts from STEM in 30, aquanauts from SciGirls, and spectroscopes from Physics Girl. Click here for the resource list. 

17. Make Math Count
Make Mathematics Count, GA is a special series to support parents with understanding the expectations of teaching and learning mathematics. Videos and support guides are offered for parents which focus on building foundational numeracy, problem solving and conceptual understanding of grade level/course specific content.

18. Georgia Peanuts Live Exploration
On September 30th, we teamed up with the Georgia Peanut Commission to produce a live exploration about Georgia's peanut industry. During the program, students heard from various experts as they learned about farming peanuts, the role peanuts play in our economy, and the technology it takes to make Georgia one of the world's largest peanut producers. Georgia Peanuts Live Exploration at been archived and can be watched at any time. 

19. Continued Our Family Community Learning Workshops 
PBS KIDS Family & Community Learning is a series of workshops that engage families in hands-on learning utilizing PBS KIDS media. Designed for families with children ages 3-8, the workshops use guided play to introduce both kids and grown-ups to exciting digital and tangible tools that are designed to support the development of science inquiry and engineering design practices. The workshops aim to foster collaboration, communication, and fun among family members while supporting grown-ups confidence and comfort to support their children’s learning.

20. New Professional Learning Page
Our freshly design professional learning page offers a wide range of recorded PL sessions and live sessions tailored to teachers' needs. Our outreach team hosts comprehensive online training webinars and travels the state to offer free professional learning sessions on all of our PK-12 educational content, including our partner site PBS LearningMedia, our Georgia Studies Digital Collection, and more!

21. Virtual Fall Festival
GPB Education provided a virtual Fall Festival to celebrate all things fall with DIY pumpkin decorating, costume contest, PBS KIDS Halloween episode, a raffle, and games!

As say goodbye to 2021, we are excited for what's to come in 2022. Be sure to follow us on twitter and Facebook for our latest and greatest free resources for your classroom!