It’s going to be a busy day at the Claw Control machine! We have a BIG problem.
We need to make as many stuffed animals as we can to fill up the machines before the kids show up. In order to help the Gashlings, you have to use your decomposition skills, which is breaking the problem into smaller parts. Claw Control is aligned to Georgia’s Computer Science standards for children ages 4-8.

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  • Select a level

    Claw Control has six challenges with increasing difficulty. The goal is to assign the gashlings their jobs to make six stuffed animals for the claw machine. In order to make all six stuffed animals successfully, you will need to use your decomposition skills and break the problem into smaller parts.

    select a level graphic
  • Use your decomposition skills

    The gashlings are experts at making stuffed animals for the claw machine, but they are VERY picky and VERY noisy about what they want to do. Let’s use our decomposition skills to figure out how to get the gashlings to the jobs they want by organizing the jobs into Andy Armadillos’ chart. 

    graphic - use your decomposition
  • Make stuffed animals for the claw machine

    Once you have organized the gashlings’ jobs into Andy Armadillos’ chart, click on Andy’s tail to let the gashlings go on their way to their jobs. If you have used your skills correctly, the gashlings will get jobs they want and successfully make a stuffed animal for the claw machine. Good luck!

    graphic - fill the claw machine

Computer Science


Develop and employ Computational Thinking strategies (break-down, find patterns, and create algorithms) to identify and solve problems.


Recognize that problems can be broken down into smaller parts in order to create a solution. Vocabulary Term: Decompose (to break down)

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