Explore Georgia's freshwater systems and learn how they supply clean water to residents and businesses across the state in Georgia's Water Live Exploration! 

In this live virtual field trip, students will learn about the water cycle, witness how water is treated, hear from a variety of water professionals, and discover ways we can help protect our freshwater systems. This event includes live interactive elements, such as polls and experts who are available to answer students' questions.

Live Exploration: Georgia's Water

This event took place on Thursday, May 6, 2021

Explore freshwater systems & learn how they supply clean water to residents & businesses.



Ask questions to collect information and create records of sources and effects of pollution on the plants and animals.


Explore, research, and communicate solutions, such as conservation of resources and recycling of materials, to protect plants and animals.


Plan and carry out investigations to observe the flow of energy in water as it changes states from solid (ice) to liquid (water) to gas (water vapor) and changes from gas to liquid to solid.


Develop models to illustrate multiple pathways water may take during the water cycle (evaporation, condensation, and precipitation).


Ask questions to determine where water is located on Earth's surface (oceans, rivers, lakes, swamps, groundwater, aquifers, and ice) and communicate the relative proportion of water at each location.


Plan and carry out an investigation to illustrate the role of the sun's energy in atmospheric conditions that lead to the cycling of water.


Design and evaluate solutions for sustaining the quality and supply of natural resources such as water, soil, and air.

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