GPB Education will be live streaming from the Georgia Peanut Commission's Headquarters in Tifton, Georgia, on September 30th at 10 AM ET.

During the program, students will hear from various experts as they learn about farming peanuts, the role peanuts play in our economy, and the technology it takes to make Georgia one of the world's largest peanut producers. (Georgia produces over 50% of the peanuts in the United States!)

This event includes interactive elements, such as polls and experts who are available to answer students' questions. Use the hashtag #PeanutsLive to participate in the conversation.

Peanuts Live will be available on demand after September 30th with supplemental classroom resources for grades K-12. These program will be televised on GPB-TV and live streamed on

Live Exploration: Georgia Peanuts

This event will start on Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 10:00am

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