Welcome to Downton, fans!

You’ll soon have the chance to walk through parts of the stately manor when Downton Abbey: the Exhibition lands in the U.S. next month. The fully immersive exhibit which premiered in Singapore over the summer, opens Saturday, November 18 in New York City and will tour other cities later next year. Future cities and dates have yet to be announced.

Tickets for the New York city showing which runs through the end of January 2018 are now on sale.

Unlike typical museum displays enclosed in glass cases or cordoned off with velvet ropes, Downton: the Exhibition is fully immersive. It lets fans traipse through the below stairs servants’ quarter sets and loiter in the Crawley family dining. Plus never before seen footage and items from the era will be showcased.

Here’s Mr. Carson (a.k.a Jim Carter) explaining it all in this video.