On Sunday, March 6th at 8:45 p.m., you can live chat the series finale of Downton Abbey with us. Because it’s also our final live chat for the show, it’s starting 15 minutes earlier. This time, one of our chat room participants will serve as moderator - Rachel Buchman. I'm happy to report she has moved on to become my social media intern. (Check out her blog post on how Downton Abbey and the chat room has changed her life.)

In honor of Downton's last episode, we're hosting a viewing party at GPB headquarters in Atlanta with a live studio audience and breaks in between to talk about what the series has meant to us. I'm excited to announce that many of the chat room participants will be in attendance and will meet for the first time. (I just love bringing people together!) I'll also be live tweeting the show in addition to checking into the chat room. Follow along on Twitter @mygpb with the hashtags #DowntonPBS or #FarewellDownton. If you’re more of a Facebook person, we can chat there too. So like our page at facebook.com/gpbmedia to join the conversation.

Live Blog Live Chat the Series Finale of Downton Abbey Season 6