In the special Countdown to Downton Abbey, executive producer Gareth Naeme promised that most of the characters would have a happy ending by season’s end. So far so good.

In the season premiere of Downton Abbey season 6, everyone came out on top. Lady Mary prevailed over a blackmailer thanks to her protective dad; Anna and Bates finally beat the murder charges surrounding Mr. Green and Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes are settling into romantic love.

But will all of this happiness last? We’ll find out some of the answer tonight and you are invited to discuss it with us as we live chat Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 2 at 9pm.

You know the rules by now. Watch the show on your television set, then scroll down to the chat box, type in your name and add a comment. The discussions are always lively as we have a group of regulars who convene. So see if you can keep up! Stay for the entire chat to qualify for a Downton Abbey commemorative tea cup and English Tea. Talk to you tonight! (Remember we do not broadcast the show online. But you can watch it on Monday online on this blog if you can't watch it on your television set.

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