Don’t watch the premiere of Downton Abbey season 6 alone. Why would you want to anyway? It’s the final season! There are so many plot twists and storylines to talk about.

You can do so right here Sunday, January 3 at 9 pm. We’re hosting a live chat during the broadcast of the show as we have done for the past four years. Just scroll down, add your name to the chat box and add your comments to the discussion while your watching the show on your televisions.

Unfortunately we aren’t able to air the show online on Sunday. But you can watch it online the next day after it broadcasts on

Boy do we have a lot to chat about. When we left off in season 5, Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes had gotten engaged. Robert found out that Marigold is Lady Edith’s child and Lady Mary was intrigued by a fast driving stranger. Plus Tom decided to go to America.

So many plots so little time! We’ll finally get to see how it all concludes. Let’s do so together.

Live Blog Downton Abbey Season 6 Live Chat 1/3/2016 @ 9 p.m.