New season 6 photos and a video of Downton Abbey are providing clues as to how the show will end. And the future appears to look bright for our Yorkshire friends.

Here is what the latest video and season 6 photos tell us.
Be excited. There’s a fox hunt!

Robert leads the hunt in his red jacket, referred to as a “pink” jacket by the aristocrats because the jackets were apparently made by a guy named Mr. Pink. Lady Mary rides astride instead of side saddle.

Lady Edith gets a life and it may be a happy one.

In the trailer, Lady Mary gripes about Lady Edith being out on the town. “What will she get up to?” the elder sister sneers.

Watch The New Trailer

Cut to Lady Edith in front of Rosamund with her luggage in hand. When her aunt asks her niece if she would like a London life, Edith replies she just wants a life. Judging from her glamorous photos and the scene with her in the arms of a mystery man in the first trailer, she finally gets a good one. Managing Mr. Gregson’s paper and living as an independent, single woman in London suits her.

Daisy gets a boyfriend, I mean husband?

Judging from this photo, Daisy has finally found her happy place in the arms of naive Andy Parker. Look carefully and you spot a ring on her finger. Did Andy and Daisy get hitched? Is this their reception?

Lady Cora has eyes for Mr. Henderson. Wait who’s he?
What do you think these pictures mean for how season 6 will play out? Feel free to offer up your analysis in the comments below. "Downton Abbey" premieres in the U.S. on January 3, 2016.