In an open letter to "Downton Abbey" creator/producer, Julian Fellowes published in USA Today Wednesday, authors Valerie Bowman and Ashlyn Macnamara gave suggestions on how season six should end the show.

Axe the Bates’ in jail storyline already, they insisted.

Forget about Lady Mary! Give Thomas a love interest instead, preferably Henry Cavill, the hunky actor who plays Superman. (Good choice ladies!) And let’s see a wedding of royal proportions for Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes. (Fans may get their wish as. Rumor has it, wedding scenes were being filmed recently.

You can read the full article here. What do you think of their suggestions? Better yet, how do you think “Downton Abbey” should end? I’d like to turn the writer’s pen over to you and get your recommendations.

Submit your scenarios in the comments below by Tuesday, May 5 and I’ll feature it in a blog post next week.

Here’s my scenario: Matthew and Sybil’s deaths were just dreams and they return to bring joy and more “out of the box” thinking to Downton, with a not dead Mr. Gregson in tow!