Update: Congratulations to Charlotte from Hawkinsville! She is the winner of the "Downton' swag drawing. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Suffering from “Downton Abbey” withdrawal something awful especially after media outlets like Vanity Fair confirm season 6 will be the show’s swan song? Here is a fix we highly recommend you apply. Go online shopping at GPB's "Downton Abbey" Store.

Launched last week, the store is stacked with swag from the gala premiere for season 5 that was held at the Fox Theatre last year. “Downton” blue canvas bags, shadowbox ornaments and the Page a Day Calendar are some of the goodies to be snapped up there. 


(I have the Page a Day Calendar and it is filled with quotes and back stories about many of the cultural plot points featured in on the series. Highly educational.)

There are “Downton” tea towels, in case you need something cushy to catch your tears of joy over (spoiler alert in case you haven’t seen season 5!) Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson finally getting engaged.

Proceeds from the purchase of items in the store go toward the worthy cause of keeping Masterpiece hits like “Downton”, “Mr. Selfridge” and “Sherlock” on the air. As a show of goodwill, we’re giving away a “Downton Abbey” prize pack to boost your mood. It includes a “Free Bates” t-shirt and blueray DVDs of classic seasons 1 & 2. Enter by clicking on this sweepstakes link. April 6 is the deadline for entries.

Good luck and happy shopping!

I mentioned the Page A Day Calendar is my favorite “Downton” swag. What is yours? Share in the comments section below.