Does Lady Mary find love in the season 5 finale of “Downton Abbey”? PBS wants to get our tongues wagging about that as they released this photo last Thursday of Mary gazing into the eyes of Henry Talbot, an associate of Lady Rose’s fiance Atticus Aldridge.

But that is of course jumping ahead. Let’s live chat about “Downton Abbey” season 5 episode 8 tonight. Last week’s show left us with enough of a cliffhanger to pick up with.

Finally the cat is out of the bag about Lady Edith’s relationship to Marigold (to her mother at least). Lady Cora surprised many of us by embracing her middle daughter’s secret and devising a way to bring her newly discovered granddaughter into the fold. Will Robert do the same?

Isobel was excoriated by Lord Merton’s sons at dinner leading us to wonder whether she’ll move forward with joining the Merton family through marriage and whether that is a good idea at all.

And Lady Mary finally got rid of Lord Gillingham, by kissing Sir Charles Blake in public, under false pretenses. But Sir Charles is going off on an extended assignment abroad. Which leaves Lady Mary without a suitor - which brings us to the photo of her and Henry Talbot.

Has the Lady finally met her match?

Let’s talk about that tonight and episode 8. You might be a little distracted watching Neil Patrick Harris give a song and dance to A-list stars who hope to pick up their Oscars. But remember, I’ll announce the winner of last week’s live chat giveaway and will offer a chance to win this week’s prize. So this live chat is the place to be.

See you at the usual 9 p.m time.

Live Blog Downton Abbey Season 5 Watch Party Live Chat 2/22/2015 @ 9 p.m.