Season five of Downton Abbey is all about secrets: the secret scandal Thomas is blackmailing Baxter with; the hush hush affair Lady Mary and Tony Gillingham seem to be cultivating; Edith's secret love child. Even the Dowager Countess seems to have something she’s holding close to her vest.

Check out the new trailer below for a glimpse of what is to come. Is that a real fire sweeping the house?

If you can’t wait until January 4, 2015 to learn what these secrets are, we have good news for you. Join us on December 4 at 8pm at the Fox Theatre for An Evening At Downton Abbey Gala where we will show the first episode of the season.

As an added delight, Alastair Bruce, Downton Abbey’s historical advisor, Voice of the Royal Family and Herald to Queen Elizabeth will be a special guest. He will make a presentation on the “Manners of Downton Abbey.”

You can RSVP your attendance here. There are also V.I.P. packages available too. We’ve hosted these galas for several years now and everyone has a wonderful time. Check out this post from last year that includes photos.

By the way, dressing in costume is encouraged. I look forward to seeing you there!