That's me in the red and Tiffany Brown being transported to Highclere castle!

There’s no party like a Downton Abbey gala screening at Georgia Public Broadcasting! It’s taken me a few days to recover from that fabulous soiree and what a soiree it was because of delightful supporters like you.

Fans came dressed to the nines in period costumes from both Edwardian times and the 1920s, the time period season 4 is set in. A jazz band played. People took pictures in front of a Highclere Castle backdrop, cutouts of Mr. Bates and Lady Mary and within photo booth.

Players from Dad’s Garage performed a Downton themed skit and best of all we were treated to the first episode of season 4. What a way to prepare ourselves for the new season!

Here’s another way: our special Downton Abbey edition of our iPad magazine Your GPB. You can download it right now. It includes an A-Z cheat sheet to the new characters, a Superfan quiz, an article on 1920s fashion so you can get your period costumes right and recipes for your Downton inspired parties.

Pictures speak louder than words of course. Below is a slideshow of images from the night. Feel free to download the images from it. And if you attended, please tell us how you felt it went.