Courtesy of ©ITV for MASTERPIECE

One of the cool aspects of the past four seasons of Downton Abbey is the fashion metamorphosis: seeing the women’s clothing go from the stiff shifts of the Edwardian period to the daring dresses of the 1920s.

Mr. Selfridge is going through a similar fashion evolution on season 2. The gowns are loosening up. The curls on women’s heads are not as tight and pinned up. Women are wearing makeup and feeling good about it.

Practical work clothes for women are seriously considered and developed. On episode 3, Mrs. Selfridge steps in to create appropriate uniforms for the women workers filling in for the men away at war.

Women want daring glamour even in the time of conflict as Lady Mae insists when she comes in for a new wardrobe. Dazzle her or else!

The cast is having lots of fun with this fashion evolution. Check out this video of them commenting on their wardrobe changes.