Will Thomas Barrow find love in season 5? Rob James-Collier thinks so.

In a new video the cast of "Downton Abbey" is predicting what will happen to characters in season 5.

Rob James-Collier, who plays Thomas Barrow the villain fans love to hate, sees a romance in the underbutler’s future. He points out that Julian Fellowes has a formula for Mr. Barrow’s love life. In season 1 there were bromances; season 2 contained “nomance"; season 3 there was the “bromance” “sleep kiss with Jimmy” and finally season 4 no love at all.

Based on this every other year formula, Barrow is due to find happiness with a paramour, speculates James-Collier.

“It would be nice to be happy for once. I think he deserves it,” says James-Collier.

Watch the video for what Lesly Nichol predicts for Mrs. Patmore.


Laura Carmichael hopes that Lady Edith will get to spend time with her child. But she wonders how that can be pulled off without revealing the child’s identity.

Meanwhile Allen Leech wants Tom’s political fire to return, the quality that attracted Lady Sybil to him and repelled her father the Earl of Grantham.

What will you hope will happen in season 5 for your favorite characters? Tell us in the comments below. I'll start: please get together with Sir Charles Blake Lady Mary!