Image courtesy Nick Briggs/Carnival Film & Television Limited 2013 for MASTERPIECE

If you can't high tail off to Highclere Castle this summer then dashing off to the Winterthur Museum in Delaware may be the next best alternative.

Forty costumes from Downton Abbey are now on display there from Lady Edith's wedding dress to Lady Sybil's harem pants

The Winterthur is located on a sprawling estate once owned by Henry Francis du Pont. The rear gardens and woods will make you feel as though you were touring Downton's grounds.

As for the costumes, many of them were either rented or assembled from scratch with just a swatch of cloth or trickle of beading as inspiration. When you walk through, you'll read captions that tell the story of each piece. (The top for Lady Sybil's harem pants outfit was so delicate, it ripped and had to be repaired in between takes. )

In some instances, you'll be allowed to touch the materials.

The exhibit runs until January 4, 2015.