If you missed episode 7 of Downton Abbey, scroll past this written recap and watch it below. The episode contained plots of such heart-stopping proportions that I don’t want to be responsible for giving you a heart attack through my spoilers. Warning there are several spoilers!

The Truth is Out Pt. 1

When Anna learned that Lord Gillingham and his nasty valet would be returning to Downton yet again, she confessed to Lady Mary that she was attacked by Gillingham’s man-servant. Lady Mary attempted to stop Gillingham from coming with a phone call but was too late. During his stay, Green revealed where he lived to Bates and the rest of the staff.

While on a secret errand in London to talk to Jack Ross, Lady Mary resolved to tell Gillingham to dismiss his terrible valet but didn't reveal her reasons why. Days after their conversation, Gillingham came back to Downton to deliver the news that Mr. Green was mysteriously hit by a car and killed.

The Truth is Out Pt. 2

Aunt Rosamund tried to hide Lady Edith’s pregnancy by announcing she and her niece were taking off to Switzerland for an extended study of French. (They intended on having Edith’s baby there and secretly giving it up for adoption.) Lady Cora encouraged their holiday, but the Dowager Countess sensed something was amiss. She invited Lady Edith and Rosamund over to lunch and confronted them. Lady Edith spilled the news to her grandmother and shared her initial plans to give her child away to one of Downton’s tenant farmers. Like Aunt Rosamund, Grandmama convinced Edith not to do it. But she supported Edith, offering to pay for her stay abroad. She also supported Edith’s desire to find Mr. Gregson.

Who do you Love?: the Pig Guy or the Pirate

Charles Blake confessed to Lady Mary that his feelings for her had changed since their pig fiasco. He was falling for her! Meantime, Tony Gillingham told the eldest Crawley daughter that he broke off his engagement to Mabel Lane Fox and he was free to be with her. Lady Mary turned down their affections, however both men vowed to put up a fight for her.

You’ll have to watch the episode again (or watch it for the first time if you cheated and read the recap to find out what else happened). So who is better suited for Lady Mary, the pig and baby loving Sir Charles Blake or the handsome, engagement breaking Lord Tony Gillingham? Weigh in below in the comments section.

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