Rumor has it Jessica Brown Findlay may play the next love interest in the Captain America sequel.

About last Sunday’s episode @televisionary from Twitter said it best: “Why is this episode not a crossover with Call the Midwife?!?” Just like me, you probably felt the same way. Perhaps the Sisters and the midwives of Nonnatus House could have stepped in and shown those doctors how to deliver a baby and keep a mother alive. Of course we will never know and instead will join the Crawleys, the kitchen staff and Downton fans around the world in mourning Sybil’s death. (But cheer up! It won’t be the last you’ve seen of actress Jessica Brown Findlay who played Sybil. She may be on the big screen in the next Captain America movie.

While most of the nation will be watching two football teams battling it out in the Super Bowl this Sunday, we’ll be watching the dinner brawl at the Crawley dinner table. It’s Tom vs. the family’s Anglican pastor over the topic “where will the baby be baptized? ” Tom is Irish so guess what his answer is? In the kitchen, it’s Mrs. Patmore managing the tensions caused by who likes whom in the kitchen staff.

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