Photo Courtesy ITV

(Scroll down to login and join the chat.) Is there trouble in the Branson household we see? Based on the teaser clip below of Downton episode 3, the answer would be yes. Apparently Tom’s bombastic, flighty nature has caused a rift between him and his wife. Or maybe he just gave her the slip at the wrong time as per Robert’s angry admonishment.

“You abandon a pregnant woman in a land that’s not her own while you make a run for it?” the Earl of Grantham roars at a tearful Branson.

But then Sybil tells Edith on the phone cryptically “I’ve no time to talk but tell them I’m alright.” And she hangs up. What in the world Sybil?! Where in the world is she? And what happened to cause the two of them to separate like that?

You can start the speculation now. (Please no spoilers if you have watched the episode already.) Make sure you join us on Sunday, January 20 at 9 p.m. in the chat room below so we can find out the answers together and react en masse :)

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