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The cast and some fans are speaking out about what will happen on Downton this season. Listen to this NPR interview with Hugh Bonneville (the Earl of Grantham), Elizabeth McGovern (his wife Lady Cora) and Jim Carter (Mr. Carson) about the upstairs/downstairs residents.

Fans Make Predictions

After previewing the first new episode at our December 18 gala, two fans and AJC The Buzz Editor Jennifer Brett offered up their predictions on what should happen this season.

You're Invited to Our Watch Party

By the way, join us for an online watch party of Downton for the season three premiere on Sunday, January 6 at 9 p.m. We’ll be chatting right here on the Desperate for Downton blog with you during and after the broadcast. Also do you use social media? Send us your pictures of your watch parties, comments and posts - we’d love to hear from you. Here is where we’ll be:

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