Shirley MacLaine is Dame Maggie Smith's new nemesis.

Updated January 4, 2013 - Check out this new preview clip and notice the wedding veil at the end!

I can’t wait to see the new season of Downton Abbey. There are so many questions left to be answered. Will they spring poor Mr. Bates out of jail? (Free Mr. Bates!) Will we see a Downton wedding between Lady Mary and Matthew?

Who will win the inevitable cat fight between the Dowager Countess Lady Violet (Dame Maggie Smith) and Cora’s mom Martha Levinson (Shirley MacLaine who's joining the cast). And is Downton going broke? Ok those two last questions didn't come from the Season 2 cliffhanger. But they're definite spoilers from these preview clips. Check them out right here and make sure you join us January 6, 2013 for the premiere of season 3.

Hugh Bonneville reveals his "Free Bates" t-shirt at the Television Critics Association Press Tour this summer. Photo courtesy Rahoul Ghose/PBS.