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The Math, Science, And History Of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is more than a time to pass out candy and cards. It’s a day that inspires engineering, a walk through ancient history, and mathematical techniques.

by Mary Anne Lane | February 10, 2020

GPB News Round-up - Friday, February 7, 2020

Except for a resident population in south Florida, the Sandhill Crane spends summers in the upper midwest and Canada and winters in the southern third of the United States. A part of that range takes in the farmland...

by Kirk Cooper | February 7, 2020

What's New Next Week? February 6, 2020

Next week, GPB traces the history of British romance and introduces three single women struggling to cope amid pressure from family and a state-sponsored campaign against unmarried women. Just in time for Valentine’s...

by Kirk Cooper | February 6, 2020
Education Matters

Atlanta Science Festival Unveils 2020 Programming

Enjoy fun science events for the whole family March 6-21, 2020.

by Mary Anne Lane | February 6, 2020
Education Matters

GPB Education Launches Mobile Virtual Reality Lab

GPB’s education outreach specialists provide free on-site virtual reality demonstration lessons with students and professional development sessions to teachers across the state of Georgia.

by Mary Anne Lane | February 5, 2020
Education Matters

Discovery Education And 3M Search For America's Next Top Young Scientist

Competition provides young innovators with an unparalleled experience and the opportunity to showcase STEM ingenuity and real-world problem solving

by Mary Anne Lane | February 3, 2020
Education Matters

Teaching Black History: Resources For All Ages

Black History Month is celebrated each year in the United States during the month of February to coincide with the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln on February 12 and Frederick Douglass on February 14.

by Mary Anne Lane | January 31, 2020

GPB News Round-Up - Friday, January 31, 2020

Officials from Savannah and Atlanta are heading to Super Bowl LIV in Miami this weekend — to help with security. Read more in this week's News Round-up.

by Kirk Cooper | January 31, 2020

What's New Next Week? January 30, 2020

Next week, GPB brings viewers a love story from the end of a dynasty, the heat wave that exposed a city’s deadly negligence, and an epic journey to the planet’s poles.

by Kirk Cooper | January 30, 2020
Education Matters

Metro-Atlanta Schools Compete In NCAA’s "Read To The Final Four" Challenge

Through the Read to the Final Four program, students have access to a personalized literacy platform and more than 6,000 digital books with unlimited online and offline access.

by Mary Anne Lane | January 30, 2020

GPB News Round-Up - Friday, January 24, 2020

Gov. Brian Kemp told lawmakers Tuesday his $28.1 billion budget includes millions in savings that don’t require drastic cuts to services Georgians need while some agency heads said slashing spending would not be easy....

by Kirk Cooper | January 24, 2020

What's New Next Week? January 23, 2020

Next week, GPB shares the story of how community groups in 1960s Chicago bridged race and ethnicity to form a surprising alliance. Get a preview of that and more inside.

by Kirk Cooper | January 23, 2020