The panel

Audrey Haynes, professor of political science University of Georgia

Karen Owen, @ProfKarenOwen, professor of political science and dean of university college, University of West Georgia

Margaret Coker, @mideastmargaret, editor-in-chief, The Current

Tammy Greer, professor of political science Clark Atlanta University


The breakdown

1. On International Women's Day, we take a look at issues affecting women throughout Georgia and the nation. 

LISTEN: Audrey Haynes provides the history of abortion in politics. 

2. A look at the Georgia General Assembly. 

LISTEN: Margaret Coker says it's about time that we see this representation.

3. Maternal mortality rates continue to climb in Georgia. 

LISTEN: Karen Owen on her pregnancy.

4. A look at the wage gap across the country.

  • Pew Research reports that the difference between men's and women's earnings has barely closed in the United States in the past two decades.
  • Wage gaps are larger for women of color, and earning potential dwindles as women age.

LISTEN: Tammy Greer on the professions women join in the workforce.

    Thursday on Political Rewind: The AJC's Kevin Riley joins the panel.