[4:56 PM] Maya Backman Caption: Atlanta PD's Cop City clearing Body Cam Footage

An Atlanta Police Department officer's body cam footage during the operation to clear out protesters occupying the forest where the city plans a police and fire training facility is seen.

Credit: Atlanta Police Department via 11Alive

The panel: 

Donna Lowry, @donnalowrynews, host GPB-TV’s Lawmakers

Greg Bluestein, @bluestein, political reporter,  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tia Mitchell, @ajconwashington, Washington reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


The breakdown:

1. APD releases body camera footage from police training facility site.

  • The shooting happened last month, killing activist Manuel Teran.

    • The incident also left an unnamed state trooper wounded.
  • The Atlanta Police Department released four videos from body cameras on Feb. 8, but they do not directly show the shooting.

    • The Georgia Bureau Investigation says officers of the Georgia State Patrol, who were involved in the shooting, do not wear body cameras.

  • A new bill, House Bill 325, would require that all Georgia law enforcement officials wear body cameras. 

    • Rep. Tanya Miller (D - Atlanta)  cited the recent death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Memphis police as a reminder of the importance of body cam footage.

2. Questions surround who paid for Kemp's second inaugural ball. 

  • Kemp held his the party at the State Farm Arena last month.
  • The AJC reports that at least $426,000 in funds came from political groups with interest in legislation and state funding.

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3. A new bill is presented to ban medical intervention for transgender minors. 

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