A view of lawmakers inside the capitol.

Republican legislators introduce a bill that would rein in what they call "far-left" prosecutors.

Credit: File photo

The panel

Chauncey Alcorn, @CLamontLives, reporter, Capital B

Edward Lindsey, @edlindsey14, former Georgia state representative

Melita Easters, @easters_melita, founder and director, Georgia WIN List

Patricia Murphy, @MurphyAJC, political reporter and political columnist, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


The breakdown

1. State Republicans introduced two bills that would grant the legislature power over district attorneys.

  • One bill lowers the threshold required to trigger a recall from 30% to 2%. The other would create an oversight commission for prosecutors.
  • Gov. Brian Kemp called Western Circuit District Attorney Deborah Gonzalez "far-left" in a tweet, referring to a case her office lost due to speedy trial demands.

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2. National Democrats put Georgia near the front of their primary schedule.

  • Although South Carolina leads the way, Democrats say they want the new lineup to reflect a more diverse electorate.
  • Atlanta remains a finalist to host the Democratic National Convention next year.
  • Kemp has signaled he won't support the move, but Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says he'd entertain the idea in 2028.

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3. Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens says relations between Black residents and police have improved.

  • Nearly three years since Atlanta police shot and killed Rayshard Brooks, Mayor Dickens says transparency with video and other information have helped make police "community available."

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4. Rep. Esther Panitch tweeted images of a hateful antisemitism campaign going around metro Atlanta.

  • Panitch is the only Jewish member of the Legislature. She appeared on our show in January to discuss a bill she sponsored that would aid in hate crime prosecution for antisemitic acts.
  • She and AJC reporter Greg Bluestein were targets of antisemitic flyers going around Georgia.

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