David Ralston - Riley Bunch

Speaker David Ralston in January, 2022, shortly after passing a sweeping mental health reform bill.

Credit: Riley Bunch - GPB News

The panel

Calvin Smyre, @CalvinSmyre, former representative, ambassador designate to the Bahamas

Rep. Chuck Efstration, @ChuckEfstration104th District (R)

Jim Galloway, @JimJournalist, former political columnist, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver, @mmo_mary, 82nd District (D)


The breakdown

1. Legislators remember the life and legacy of Speaker David Ralston.

  • Former state Rep. Calvin Smyre worked in the legislature for 48 years and worked closely with Ralston. despite the fact the two disagreed politically.
  • State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver worked closely with Ralston on a sweeping mental health reform bill this year. Ralston became emotional on the House floor after it was passed.
  • State Rep. Jon Burns was elected Speaker of the House ahead of the next legislative term. With some turnover due to the midterm elections, Oliver says this next session is full of unknowns.

LISTEN: Former state Rep. Calvin Smyre speaks on the next legislative session without Speaker David Ralston.

2. U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi is stepping down from her leadership role as Speaker of the House.

  • After nearly two decades as the leader of U.S. House Democrats, Pelosi announced she'd remain in her House seat, but would not continue as speaker.
  • Pelosi was elected speaker in 2006 under President Bush, the first time Democrats had held a majority in 12 years.
  • Her husband, Paul, was assaulted in their San Francisco home while she was away, in an act of seemingly political violence. The assault has since been surrounded by conspiracy theories.

LISTEN: State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver on Speaker David Ralston and Speaker Nancy Pelosi's impacts on their respective chambers.

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