Donna Lowry and Stacey Abrams

GPB News' Donna Lowry talks with Stacey Abrams at the Georgia School Boards Association conference.

Credit: Donna Lowry

The panel:

Audrey Haynes — professor of political science, University of Georgia

Karen Owen — professor of political science, University of West Georgia

Tamar Hallerman — senior reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


The breakdown: 

1. Stacey Abrams promises an $11,000 raise to Georgia's teachers. 

Karen Owen describes what a $11,000 pay raise would do for teachers in Atlanta and rural Georgia.

2. Kemp and Abrams disagree on school safety.

  • Abrams discussed stricter gun safety laws.

    • She has been a proponent of repealing permitless carry.   
  • Kemp focused on school security plans and active shooter classes for school resource officers.


3. BJay Pak shuts down election lie over suitcase of ballots. 

  • Pak, the former Georgia U.S. attorney, said claims made by former President Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani were "false."

    • Giuliani claimed "suitcases of ballots" were illegally counted in Fulton County at State Farm Arena.

4. 10th District race heats ups 

  • The race between Vernon Jones and Mike Collins turns negative. 
  • An ad mailed to 10th District voters featured a picture of Jones, calling him a "radically anti-white racist."
  • Collins has confirmed his support for Kemp's reelection, while Trump-endorsed Vernon Jones said he was "not going to blindly support a RINO."

Audrey Hayes describes issues with campaign financing during governing cycles.

Wednesday on Political Rewind: 

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