Gov. Kemp

Kemp flexes power with new appointees.

Credit: Riley Bunch

The panel:

Greg Bluestein — Politics reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Margaret Coker — Editor-in-chief, The Current

Stanley Dunlap — Politics reporter, Georgia Recorder

Stephen Fowler — Politics reporter, GPB News


The breakdown: 

1. Path clear for Sonny Perdue to become next chancellor at head of Georgia's public colleges and universities.

  • On Tuesday, the Georgia Board of Regents voted unanimously to approve Perdue as the sole finalist for chancellor of the University System of Georgia...
  • ... despite Sonny Perdue's lack of any experience as an administrator in a educational setting.
    • Perdue served as governor of Georgia and then as United States Secretary of Agriculture under President Donald Trump.
  • Perdue told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he wants to push conservative values in the state's schools.
  • He is a cousin of David Perdue, who is running against incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp. The governor appointed the Georgia Board of Regents who are vetting Sonny Perdue. 


2. Kemp taps new Georgia Supreme Court Justice. 

  • The governor selected Andrew Pinson to replace Justice David Nahmias. 

    • Pinson clerked under Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
  • The decision came quickly as Nahmias announced he was stepping down just Friday.


3. Testimony heard in federal hate crimes trial in Brunswick.

  • Prosecutor in the federal trial are seeking to prove racial animus was the motivation for William Bryan and Travis and Gregory McMichael to chase down and murder Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery. 
  • Neighbors of the three white men accused of the killing of Arbery took to the stand Tuesday. 

Margaret Coker says the environment outside the federal courthouse is different from the state trial.

4. Tensions rise as Democrats call out GOP maneuvers during redistricting.

  • State Rep. John Carson draws two incumbent county commissioners into the same district.
  • State Rep. Ginny Ehrhart’s legislation reconfigures the East Cobb school district.
  • Both bills now move to the Georgia Senate where they are expected to pass.


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