Lawmakers have only six legislative days left to debate and pass bills that could change policies all over the state. This week brought continued discussion about the potential Atlanta airport takeover and intense debate over women's reproductive rights. 

GPB politics reporter Stephen Fowler joined "On Second Thought" to discuss this week in Georgia politics.

"On Second Thought" for Friday, March 22, 2019

The annual PBS Kids’ Writing Contest is underway, and the deadline is Friday, March 29.  It’s for children in kindergarten through third grade. Participants submit both stories and illustrations, and the winning stories air on GPB TV.

This year, we’ll also air some during “On Second Thought.”

Two Georgia children’s book writers are helping to inspire kids to participate. Aisha Saeed is author of “Bilal Cooks Daal," and Laurel Snyder’s books include “The King of Too Many Things” and “Charlie and Mouse.”  

Find more information on how to participate in the contest at

Families often share genetic traits. They also share unfortunate pain, secrets and trauma. That's what Anissa Gray writes about in her debut novel, "The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls."

Gray is a senior editor at CNN Worldwide and recipient of the Alfred duPont-Columbia University award for journalism. The Atlanta-based author spoke with "On Second Thought" about her new book. 

"The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls" shines light on eating disorders, stigmas surrounding incarceration and family values. 

"The Beverly Hillbillies" introduced audiences to the Clampett family in the 1960s and helped popularize the stereotype of the "Dumb Southerner." The myth persists today, wrapped up with ideas about tolerance, race and intelligence.

Marie T. Cochran, director of the Affrilachia Artist Project, joined "On Second Thought" to dig into this idea and her experiences growing up in Appalachia. Chuck Reece, host of "The Bitter Southerner Podcast," also joined the conversation.


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