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Six Flags Over Georgia

There’s a man working at Six Flags Over Georgia in Austell who claims to have the best job in North America. Who could pass up an opportunity to find out why? Not us! And it turns out there are a lot of amazing jobs at this place. For example, they actually have jobs riding rides! And if you want to set yourself up for a job like this, it will help to learn some science. You’ll find out why. Oh, and we’ll ride a coaster or two too!

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    1. There is an old saying to help people find good employees, "hire for attitude, train for skill." What might this mean and why would it apply to Six Flags?

    2. A new focus for creating products and services is called "user experience" or "human-centered" design. What do you think this is and why is this concept so important for amusement parks like Six Flags?



    Adrenaline Rush: a sudden burst of energy from an increase in the hormone adrenaline

    Fight or Flight Response: a bodily reaction that occurs in response to a possible harmful event, attack, or threat to survival

    Transfer of Energy: a process where energy changes from one form to another by way of motion, heat, light, or sound

    Potential Energy: the energy that something has because of its position or the way its parts are arranged

    Kinetic Energy: energy that is in motion

    Angular Momentum: the motion of an object spinning around instead of moving in a straight line

    Ratio: the relationship that exists between the size, number, or amount of two things and that is often represented by two numbers

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Brianna Warren, Molly Buckner, Dale Ketzel, Mitch Fielder, Kevin Mathews, Jamaal Teagle, Heather Clark, Emily Murray, Charlie Gates, Robb Alvey

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