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  • King of Pops

    The “secret” to what makes the King of Pops pops so delicious isn’t actually a secret at all, as you’ll see in this episode. But the folks at this Atlanta-based company do put a lot of love into making their delicious treats. The owners themselves will give you the backstory of how King of Pops...

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  • Atlanta Motorsports Park

    We visit the birthplace of NASCAR, along with a brand new country club for car lovers. That’s right—instead of a golf course, they have a racetrack! In addition to looking back at the area's rich NASCAR history, Teachable Moments include an investigation of Newton's Second Law of Motion and an...

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  • KIA Motors Manufacturing Georgia

    Fast Forward travels to the west side of the state to clear up some misconceptions about modern factories. We visit KIA Motors Manufacturing Georgia in West Point. This state-of-the-art facility rolls out one new car every minute, and we show the entire process—from steel coils all the way to...

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  • Technology

    Technology seems to be everywhere, and Georgia is no exception - especially in the job market. We are increasingly challenged to keep up with the fast pace of change in the machines and methods around us and to learn the skills necessary for utilizing and understanding these innovations. From web technologies to digital and communications media tools to measurement and analysis instruments, we explore how businesses and organizations in the service, entertainment, and travel industries are staying ahead of the crowd - technologically, that is!

  • Healthcare

    Do you know the best way to treat a snake bite? We do now! Exploring Georgia's healthcare industry is much more fun than a trip to the doctor. We meet all kinds of physicians, nurses, technicians, and veterinarians who teach, conduct research, and help Georgians stay healthy, all while utilizing some of the most advanced technology around.

  • Entertainment Media

    Lights, camera, zombies! Georgia is being hailed as the new Hollywood and chances are, you've heard of a movie or show being filmed near your town. That means there are countless career opportunities in the entertainment industry. And it doesn't just include the movie business. We visit filmmakers as well as musicians, cartoon designers, and even people who tell us what the weather is going to be like. So grab your umbrella, and don't wear green. Trust us.

  • Food and Beverage

    Everyone loves to eat out, and we're no exception! So we're off to dine and drink with a variety of food and beverage companies from around the state. Many of Georgia's food service businesses are small, like coffee shops that keep customers alert in both busy cities and college towns, or treat shops that freeze up delicious Popsicles for one of our southern summer days. But some companies are bigger - much, much bigger! And the maker of a certain iconic cola drink is exactly that. Good luck asking about the secret recipe. Even we couldn't get it out of them!


GPB Media, The Georgia Department of Education and The Office of the Governor Announce the Launch of an Innovative New STEM Web-Based Series Fast Forward

(Atlanta) - GPB Media, in partnership with the Governor’s Office and the Georgia Department of Education, is proud to announce the launch of Fast Forward, a GPB Original Production and Multimedia Project that promotes student achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programs by highlighting the multitude of career opportunities here in Georgia for those who are interested in the subjects.

The Fast Forward project consists of 16 video segments that present Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (also known as the STEM curriculum) concepts in a fun, entertaining and informative way by demonstrating how employees in businesses and organizations across the state are applying the topic matter in their jobs. Read more

Meet Our Team

Bill Overall is Director of Education and New Media for Georgia Public Broadcasting. On the education side, his team... Read more

Dave Drabik

The owner of Fine Line Productions and an award winning writer, director, and producer with more than 20 years of... Read more

An entertainment industry expert with 20 years of broadcast production experience working with top cable networks... Read more

Victoria Bostic

After graduating from The Art Institute of Atlanta with a B.F.A. in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production, Victoria... Read more

Brian Wray

Brian has been an independent digital media producer for more than eight years in the Atlanta metro area. In that time,... Read more

Parker Branch

Born and raised in the state of Georgia, Parker recently graduated from Samford University with a bachelor’s degree... Read more

Sabrina began her career as an intern at GPB in July 2012, working on The Corky Kell High School Football Championships... Read more

Jessica Bockelman

Jessica is an Emmy Award winning graphic artist for Georgia Public Broadcasting, as well as various production companies... Read more

Michael Tew

An award winning editor with a 20 year career full of many projects and quite a few awards. He’s worked on shows... Read more

Jascenda Pasley

Jascenda has been with GPB for more than 10 years, most recently working as an Administrative Assistant with the New... Read more

Pito Monteagudo

Pito’s 26 year career spans a wide range of broadcast, corporate, and documentary communication. After short stints... Read more

Curt Bush

Owner of White Dog Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, Curt is a Recording Engineer / Sound Designer with over 25 years of in-... Read more

Wes McCoy
Dr. McCoy has been Science Department Chair and an award-winning Biology and Genetics teacher at North Cobb High School,... Read more
Joan McMullan

A retired teacher with thirty years of experience teaching high school chemistry and physics in Georgia schools. Joan won... Read more

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