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More vegetables. Less meat. More meat. Less bread. More fruits. Less sugar. There seems to be a new health craze every week. How do you keep up? Instead of trying to follow a “trend,” because let’s be honest, no one has that kind of time, try to incorporate more of the good stuff to help naturally reduce the bad stuff! 

Spring is here, and that means fresh fruit like berries are readily available! Not only do these naturally sweet fruits taste good, they are packed with health benefits. Fruit salad anyone? According to the article published in the Huffington Post’s “9 Amazing Health Benefits of Berries,” the small, colorful, and tasty fruits come packed with health benefits. According to the article, as little as two servings a week can help strengthen the mind, aid in weight loss, control diabetes, and even lower the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease! We are lucky to have some of the best farmers here in Georgia, so there’s no shortage of fresh markets stocked with these health-boosting treats.

GPB wants to provide you with helpful tips and tools to make healthy decisions. We have joined forces with the Georgia Department of Agriculture for the series “Pick, Cook, Keep.” This series is an extension of the “Georgia Grown” legacy series, promoting the breadth of Georgia’s locally grown produce. The featured produce for the month of April was none other than berries! You can always visit Pick, Cook, Keep to learn about Georgia-grown produce, where to buy it, ways it is used around the state, and find delicious recipes. 

It’s no secret that eating healthy can be challenging, but instead of trying to completely alter your diet, you can add nutritious foods to enhance it. Take advantage of this delicious blueberry vinaigrette recipe featured on “Pick, Cook, Keep.” All of the ingredients are Georgia grown, and fresh for a perfect a spring salad! YUM!

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