Adora Svitak gives a TEDtalk.

In honor of the voices that have been silenced in CT this past week, I want you to hear this voice of one young woman who is inspiring change in schools all across the country.

Adora Svitak, who is speaking in this TED TALKS two years ago when she was 12 years old, to the subject “What Adults Can Learn From Kids.” She shares that "Kids' big dreams deserve high expectations," she says, "starting with grownups' willingness to learn from children as much as to teach". She says the world needs "childish" thinking: bold ideas, wild creativity and especially optimism.”

As we pray for the parents whose young voices have been lost forever, and ourselves wipe our tears, I thought I’d honor those young voices by sharing this young voice to touch all our hearts with hope.

I was introduced to this video a few weeks ago by new friend Mary Broderick, the outgoing President of the National School Boards Association. You can watch it below. Check out this video from 12 year old app developer Thomas Suarez too.