When capturing images of this year’s Dragon Con parade, producer Andrew Riley had a system. He took multiple shots of people and scenes. The result?:more than 500 photos taken!

That may seem more madness than method but he pointed out that by taking up to seven shots of the same image or scene, he was able to capture unexpected and amazing moments.

For example, I love the multiple takes of a Captain America cosplayer in the parade. In one image, a young admirer, also dressed as Captain America, is peering up at him with glee. In the next, he’s handing out cards to the young admirer's parents and those around them and one more picture later indicates, said parent of the pint-sized Captain America seems to be interested in having the adult one entertain at the next kiddie birthday party.



It’s all about storytelling. That’s what makes these the Best Parade Photos Ever! Let the story unfold in the slideshow below and I’m sure you’ll agree the photos are the best ever.

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