We’re back with another app recommendation. I first heard about this one from a girlfriend who loves it. She started talking about it in our occasional conversation about how our husbands would be lost and confused without us -- except that this app would keep their household on course. Basically, if she dies, this app will enable her husband to continue running the home. A description like that made me think I should check it out.

It turns out Secrect Server really is as she described it. She uses it to store account passwords. Because she is a very responsible adult, none of her passwords repeat. They also don’t make any sense at all. They aren’t even words. That type of randomizing is great for improving security. If someone hacks one account, they wouldn’t automatically have access to all of your other accounts that way. However, it does then become actually impossible to remember a randomized series for the 20 or so accounts we have. Start counting them up; you’ve got logins for at least one email account, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, then the host of bills: electric, gas, phone, water, student loans, credit cards, bank accounts, benefits accounts. The list goes on. Instead of contacting customer support to reset your passwords (which I may or may not do on a regular basis), Secret Server holds and protects that information for you.

This app isn’t just for personal use. It’s also great for a team using shared access to accounts. Secret Server doesn’t just live in an app, it also has a web platform so that if you lose your phone or tablet, you can still access passwords online. Safety net! A favorite feature is the password generator. By clicking a button, the app will compile random letters and numbers to create bizarre passwords that are more complicated to hack than, let’s just say, your pet’s name.

Available for free on
and Apple devices