With Solar Walk 3D, you can travel through time to see how the planets revolve around the sun.

So while Jeremiah has been pumping out posts, I've been procrastinating kind of spaced out... with Solar Walk 3D!

It's been a while since I attended high school, but I do remember learning about our solar system. The pictures in our science book were nice and all... but the VHS tapes the teachers would play in the classroom were kind of grainy (yep... DVDs were just coming out). Fast forward to 2013, and now I have an interactive model of our solar system on my iPad!

With Solar Walk 3D ($2.99 - iPhone/iPad), learning about planets, moons, comets, satellites and more doesn't happen in the traditional sense. Instead of a textbook that shows static pictures and one-sided views of objects in space, this app takes a fingers-on approach to the Milky Way with some stunning graphics and amazing interactivity. When the app first opens you are glided through space, zooming past planets and stars, until you reach Earth. Pinch-to-zoom out and you can see where our planet is in orbit right now in relation to the sun other planets. Use the slider on the right to adjust the time and see how the planets revolve around the sun.

Curious to know how long a day is on Mars? Or what about the surface temperature of the sun? Just travel to the celestial body, tap the info button. While there peek into some of the planets' insides, revealing what substances make up its core.

You can even find out some interesting facts about our moon - I was amazed to learn that the length of a day and a year are the same there! And I wasn't even trying to learn a thing... ;)

So if you're into planets, stars and satellites or just want to "play" with the Milky Way, Solar Walk 3D is the app for you!

iTunes App Store - $2.99