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Tails of the City

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Tucker's Run

A street dog’s life is not so grand. This is one dog’s return from being on the run for eight months.

As a long time foster-person of rescue dogs from Brooklyn and Los Angeles, living in Atlanta, Georgia has continued that tradition. It all started approximately 8 months ago with a foster dog named Tucker. This dog like many that come from uncertain environments, Tucker came to me weary and anxious.

In a short amount of time he started to open up and even joined a local neighborhood dog pack in Castle Berry Hill (Downtown Atlanta). One day, something changed in him. There was a longing for adventure or maybe to find the people that he lost recently due to the passing of his original owners and just as quickly as he seemed to acclimate to his new surroundings he was gone with a fast maneuver through a wrought iron gate.

He was on the run and I never thought I’d ever see him again, well, I thought that was the case.

Now it’s almost a year later I get a text and a call telling me “we have your dog.” I’m thinking, “yeah right.”

All of a sudden here he is, he’s back. I currently have another dog as well, whom I adopted. They get along well. Who knows how long he will stay this time.