(Additional contributor: Renay San Miguel)

So far, it's been all about the candidates: their positions on the issues, their performances during debates, their incessant (and in too many cases, truth-bending) ads on television and radio.

Voters finally have their say on Tuesday, Nov. 4. For those of us working in journalism around the country, that can mean only one thing:

Complimentary pizzas in the newsroom!

Dinner is catered because Tuesday will indeed be a long day for the media. That includes those of us here at GPB, tasked with the mission of bringing our listeners and viewers across Georgia the latest on the major races throughout the evening. We accept that mission with the knowledge that digital technology has transformed the audience into news-on-demand consumers with the ability to access us on a wider variety of devices.

So beginning at 7pm, our live coverage anchored by Rickey Bevington and Bill Nigut from GPB studios in Atlanta, will be available throughout the state via radio and online at gpb.org/elections.

You will be able to listen to the broadcast on the web while following a live blog about the races and participate in a live chat all at once.

Because Tuesday is all about the voters, the live blog will also be your chance to share your thoughts on Election Day 2014 with GPB. How was the turnout at your polling location? Any photos of long lines? What questions would you like to ask our hosts? What should be the top agenda item for the winners in each race?

We'll have guest analysts on hand all night, including Todd Rehm, Charles Richardson of the Telegraph and Beth Shapiro as well. What questions do you have for them? What comments woud you like to share?


Rickey Bevington and GPB's election team map out election night coverage.

GPB will have reporters at the Deal, Carter, Perdue and Nunn campaign watchparties in Atlanta, and we'll go to them for the latest returns and interviews. There are also key races happening throughout the state, so we'll hear from reporters at our GPB bureaus in Macon and Savannah.

We'll be retweeting behind-the-scenes news and photos from our reporters too. You can join the conversation by using the hashtag #gpbelections and follow our Twitter feed @gpbnews. We'll also post updates on Facebook.

Georgia’s senate and governor’s races are two of the more compelling stories this election cycle and are being covered by the national media. We'll pass along what they're saying about the results.

It could indeed be a late night; some analysts believe both the U.S. Senate and Georgia governor races could be headed toward runoffs.

In any event, we'll be here, ready to deliver the returns, fueled by pizza.