Mi Amore Antico Pizza! Love comes in all shapes and sizes and I happen to have found it in a Pizza Pie. Chef Marvin takes us behind the scenes with the pizzaiolo Giovanni to learn how true authentic Italy pizza is made. Antico Pizza was inspired by maestro pizzaiolo Giovanni Di Palma, who learned from his grandparents in Naples, Italy. Giovanni’s passion for pizza oozes just like the hot yummy cheese on the pizza. He uses only the freshest ingredients, from the tomatoes on top to the dough, to craft his pizzas . I couldn’t resist trying a slice when I found out Chef Marvin was going, so I grabbed a co-worker and went. One of the charms of Antico is that it’s a no frills place. There are no fancy tables or chairs, and you won't find a plate of any kind. You eat on picnic tables in the kitchen amongst entertaining, high energy pizza makers, three1000 degrees brick ovens and the sound of Bocelli in the air.


Giovanni says the best pizza is made by bakers not chefs, so he prides himself as being a great baker and I would have to agree. At the first taste of his gourmet pizza, I was immediately hooked. I guess you call it love at first bite. I told myself I would definitely have to go back and bring some friends. Too good not to share.