Applying for jobs is stressful. Applying for jobs when you’re over 50 can be more so as the way we look for positions has changed.

The days of sending a cover letter and a resume are over, and those who know how to best manage the job search have a major leg up on the competition. In fact, did you know most large companies utilize Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?

These systems essentially sort and manage applicants before a hiring manager has ever laid eyes on them. Knowing how they work is paramount to getting your resume in front of, you know, an actual person.

I stumbled onto this article on 7 Tips For Job Seekers Over 50 and thought it made a lot of sense for those who came from the generation of working for one or two employers for an entire career yet now find themselves either out of a job or looking for something new.

So much has changed even in the last 5 years, let alone in the last 10-15 years when it comes to searching for a new role.

Click HERE for the full list, which includes fine-tuning your technology skills, as “whether rightly or wrongly, employers may assume your tech skills are out of date.”