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National Driver Shortage Means Real Opportunity For High-Paying Jobs, And TCSG Is Here To Help

There are so many jobs in logistics. These jobs pay well, too, but they sit unfilled for fears that are mostly unfounded.

Yes, Waymo, Google’s parent company’s foray into driverless trucks is testing in Georgia. However the concern that truck drivers aren’t going to be hauling freight around the country is overblown.

What’s not overblown is the national shortage for commercial truck drivers in the United States. Even with salaries for starting drivers continuing to go up, the lack of drivers is only getting worse.

The good news is the Technical College System of Georgia is trying to help tackle the shortage in the Peach State. There are programs at 19 member institutions that are dedicated to commercial truck driving.

Even better news? Commercial truck driving is one of the education tracks that falls under the HOPE Career Grant, which covers tuition for in-demand careers. So you could get FREE COLLEGE IN GEORGIA if you enter certain programs.

Furthermore, Albany Technical College recently announced the creation of the Albany Technical College Transportation Academy. Per Transport Topics, a logistics trade website.

“The academy is designed to create a pool of trained, qualified employees — drivers and diesel technicians — to support the transportation industry and those industries that rely on efficient and cost-effective systems to move goods and services across the region.”

Albany Technical College President Dr. Anthony Parker said the transportation academy is a workforce development program that fits the needs of industry in Georgia.

“The Transportation Academy has great potential to address and solve a twofold workforce need,” Parker said. “By refocusing our efforts on career training in these strategic areas, we will present a path forward to those who reside in our community who are looking for a job that pays well and offers health benefits.

With these jobs, a person can support themselves and their families and build a great future.”

If you are interested in attending the Transportation Academy, check out the enrollment brochure here. Classes are held in two sessions, one in the daytime (8am-3pm) and one in the evening (4pm-10pm) and each session lasts 8 weeks.

If you have any questions pertaining to this program, call Nathan Childs at (229)-430-1732. Students are registered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Parrish Walton

Parrish Walton is a communications specialist with the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD). He is the primary author of the Georgia@Work blog, which aims to educate Georgia citizens on all of the great things done by the Workforce... more